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Major grassroots effort battles fluoridation in San Marcos, Texas

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In San Marcos, TX there is a Charter Amendment on the ballot, Proposition 1, which ends fluoridation entirely, and there’s a large grassroots effort that has been mobilized to see this through. The vote is on November 3rd, and early voting is happening right now. If you are a resident of San Marcos, please vote YES on Prop 1.

The multi-partisan coalition Fluoride Free San Marcos collected the signature requirement to amend the city charter, and fought hard against the City with legal battles over several months to empower the residents of San Marcos to make their decision by public vote. The coalition was successful thanks to the efforts of community leaders, activists, and students, and there’s a real opportunity for victory.

Natural News covered Texans for Accountable Government’s work to end fluoridation in Austin earlier this year, with a resolution that they fought to get through the Public Utilities Committee

and the Health and Human Services Committee. They invited leading experts to debate representatives from the City of Austin, and though it was clear that the proponents of fluoridation could only cite unscientific trials and parrot endorsements rather than offer clearly articulated arguments, the only member of the Austin City Council with the courage to speak out against this practice, was Don Zimmerman. This was the first time that any member of Austin City Council stated that the City ought to ‘end fluoridation’.

I caught up with Justin Arman, Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government, and a regular guest on Pursuit of Freedom. He explained their strategy and how local victories can build momentum.”We fought hard earlier this year, and the defeat was really difficult to accept knowing that babies are being severely overdosed when exposed to tap water. When I look into the eyes of my children I feel duty-bound to stop this practice. By their own admission, municipalities want to mutate our children’s teeth to make them ostensibly less susceptible to tooth decay – I’m shocked previous generations allowed this.”

Arman continues:”We may have lost the battle in Austin for a short period, but we’ll never stop fighting – and we’ll win eventually. Now is the time to turn to our focus to San Marcos and win. After which we develop a momentum, parlay our victories to end fluoridation in larger cities, and compound our influence to stop fluoridation worldwide. We should always think locally, because this is where our real power is. Failure in San Marcos is not an option. I need you to contact us and get involved”

Texans for Accountable Government is calling on activists to volunteer this last week leading up to November 3rd. TAG has a contact form on their website to find out how you can get involved.


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