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Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Addiction to Subversion & Subterfuge (Part 1)

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Ted Cruz

There has been a lot of controversy over the tactics of Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign in the Republican primary.  The one that created the most outrage was when his staff spread the rumor that Ben Carson had dropped out of the Iowa Caucus.  The most recent was his campaign claiming that Chuck Norris had endorsed Ted Cruz. I will document even more of this behavior later in the article.

When all of this began to be reported on, I felt a profound sense of deja vu.  I was the campaign manager for Glenn Addison, the Liberty Movement candidate running for Senate in the 2012 Texas Republican Primary. Because it was for an open seat there were a large number of candidates running, though many dropped out early as the race quickly narrowed down. The primary was unusual because there was a court battle over redistricting that ended up extending the primary beyond March. That allowed the late entry of Craig James a well known football hero and ESPN broadcaster. Early in 2012 the race consisted of Lt.Governor David Dewhurst , Ted Cruz, former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, Craig James, Glenn Addison and a number of fringe candidates the media completely ignored.

I spent a lot of time focusing on Ted Cruz, who claimed to be an “outsider”, the same image he’s created in the 2016 presidential primary. The perceived front runner throughout most of the 2012 primary was Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who was the establishment candidate. Cruz positioned himself as anti-establishment aiming most of his efforts at Dewhurst. Glenn Addison  really was an “outsider”, we were going after the same constituency as Cruz.  In part two of this series of articles I’m going cover a confrontation between Cruz and Addison at a candidate forum that got the attention of Politco. The article exposed Cruz’s subterfuge attempting to hide facts that undermined his “outsider” image. I have even more details to add that go beyond Politco’s coverage. The focus of this article is on the Cruz campaign’s subversive tactics.

Recent articles have analyzed Cruz’s current campaign’s aggressive use of data mining and leading edge internet technologies. That was very much the case in 2012. There were a lot of young tech savvy staff members. Because of limited resources the Addison campaign put most of our effort in the new media. We paid more attention to the internet than the other campaigns that were more old school in their tactics. The IT Director of our campaign noticed that members of Cruz’s staff were signing up in areas of the website designated for volunteers. The one that caught our attention was Josh Perry. He was Ted Cruz’s digital strategist a position he currently holds in the  2016 campaign. I asked our IT Director to look into who else might be signing up from the Cruz Campaign.  Here’s some excerpts from a press release I put out that documented what we discovered.
Addison Campaign Press Release
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Attack blogger linked to Ted Cruz U.S. Senate Campaign
Using his real name and his official campaign email address, the new media director for the Ted Cruz Senate campaign, Josh Perry, signed up for Glenn Addison’s newsletter. With his real name and personal email address, he also joined Addison’s A-Team–the campaign’s volunteer network. The Addison campaign discovered that someone going by the name of “J. Jesse” had also signed up for the Campaign’s press releases and newsletter using the same IP address that Perry had. Further research showed that J. Jesse had posted multiple negative comments on numerous news articles relating to Cruz’s opponents, including Addison.”

“We were unable to find any evidence after extensive internet searches that J. Jesse actually exists,” said Pepin. “No ‘bloggers’ were found using that name, even though J. Jesse listed blogging as the reason for requesting a press release from Glenn Addison’s campaign.”

We were not certain exactly which staff member from Ted Cruz’s campaign was doing the attack blogging  the evidence seemed to point to Josh Perry.  The Dallas Morning News had inside information that it was Jon McClellan, revealed in this article. Addison lashes Cruz for ‘dirty tricks… McClellan attacked all of the candidates but saved his most venomous attacks for Craig James .  Ted Cruz was very concerned about James entering the race  because of his name recognition and legitimate “outsider” status in  politics. Here’s a sample of  Jon McClellan (aka J.Jesse) “But really, do you have any proof Craig James did NOT kill 5 hookers at SMU? Just imagine the damage he could do in DC. He will give the rest of them a bad name, and that’s saying something,” J. Jesse 

Ted Cruz clearly had no problems with his staff spreading malicious rumors in 2012 in fact he brought Jon McClellan back on board his 2016 Presidential Campaign. McClellan according to Politco article The power players behind Ted Cruz’s campaign. is the regional political director based out of Houston, he also oversaw the Iowa Caucus.  The man who engaged in attack blogging in 2012 was in charge of Iowa where the false Ben Carson rumors were spread.

Here’s a sample of headlines with links documenting  allegations of subversive actions taken by  Cruz’s 2016 campaign.

Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of fraud in Iowa caucuses, calls for results to be invalidated

Ted Cruz faces fresh allegations of ‘dirty tricks’

Ted Cruz’s Latest Mailer Is Almost Too Much To Be Believed

Behind Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager, Scorched Earth and Election Victories






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