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The Grand Political Ping Pong Game

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Donkey&Elephant Ping Pong

Voting will not restore freedom, or make the world a better place, but there are solutions.

A question I’ve asked myself for a while is,  how many more times will Americans who vote,  play the grand ping pong game of going back and forth between the two major parties? By every conceivable measure of the general public’s attitude, the nation is headed on the wrong path. It’s bipartisan, virtually no one is satisfied with the current system. Far too many people have convinced themselves they must do what they have always done and vote, then that’s it. They cross their fingers and hope their choice wins.  If that happens they feel a temporary sense of relief, often even euphoria. But like any drug’s effects, that wears off rather quickly. By the next election cycle, people are angry all over again, those paying attention that is. Then another round of political ping pong begins.  The focus of this article is on national politics, the most ineffective way imaginable to reverse the march towards a totalitarian state.  At this point, those still in a fog of cognitive dissonance, will likely want to lecture me about how it’s my civic duty to vote. Many will take it to an even more ludicrous level and insist it be for one of the two major parties, otherwise I’ve wasted my vote. Respectfully,  if that is your attitude, you have no clue what you are talking about. Let me explain why I believe I’ve earned the privilege to make a bold statement like that.

I became an independent a number of years ago, so I have no vested interest in any political party now. I wasted a significant amount of time trying to be a reformer within the Republican Party. Those of us in the Party who cherished freedom, tried to make real changes, but were always way out numbered by those who wanted to maintain the status quo. I took my efforts even further by being directly involved in political campaigns. So I’m not an armchair critic who sits on my butt behind a computer screen criticizing what I don’t agree with. I’ve been in the trenches of political battles.  My efforts now are on studying accurate history along with analyzing what solutions actually work, then sharing what I’ve learned with those willing to listen.
As a former Republican, I feel it’s necessary to engage in a bit of tough love aimed at those who think the Republican Party will save America if we can just elect the right politicians.  It should be abundantly clear by now that the Republican Party has failed to repeal any major government expanding law or abolished any entrenched Federal bureaucracy in the last 100 years. The 20th century was without doubt, dominated by nearly none stop victories of the Progressive Marxist Movement.  Traditional Conservatism has been transformed into Neoconservatism. If you support aggressive military intervention around the world,  then you have rejected the foreign policy advice of most of the founders. Forget those guys with the powdered wigs, you have a new founding father, he’s the radical Progressive, Woodrow Wilson. You continue to elect Republicans that rail against socialistic programs like Obamacare when campaigning, but do nothing to repeal it.  America has been incrementally transformed  from a constitutional republic into a welfare/warfare empire. The political system has degraded into nothing more than the two parties playing the good cop bad cop routine in the media. No matter what Party is in control, government grows, freedom diminishes.  

My question for Democrats is,  you won and continue to win, why so dissatisfied? Your welfare state remains even when Republicans  dominate all branches of the Federal Government.  You should be jumping for joy because Conservatives are conserving your Utopia.  Progressives are by far in a deeper state of cognitive dissonance. Politically you have dominated an entire century and going strong into the next.  Yet, it’s never enough. You’re blind to the plague on humanity socialism has been.  I have no need to go into a long historic defense of that statement, I’ll keep my examples limited to right now. Two words, Detroit and Venezuela.

There is a solution for both Progressives and Conservatives, freedom and voluntary action.  The free market has done more to lift humanity out of poverty than any other system in all of history. Progressives , you want to help the truly needy? Then take action and help them with your own efforts. That is an honorable thing to do. What isn’t honorable, is using government force to extort money from people.  Conservatives, for a  more prosperous and safer America, stop supporting wars of aggression. The only justifiable war is one that is based on not being the country that provokes another and is acting only in defense of an aggressor.  That means you don’t make another country desperate by imposing embargoes then act all surprised when they fight back. Diplomacy is not a sign of weakness it’s by far the best way to remain strong. There are no true winners in war, all those involved pay a heavy price. The detrimental effects last for years.

Voting will achieve none of these goals. The Government Leviathan has been allowed to grow to such a massive size, it’s impossible for a handful of politicians to restrain it. The beast however has a fatal weakness. It’s life blood is composed of complacency and compliance.  Remove those things in a major way and it’s power is drained away. That is only achievable by focusing locally.  Take action where it has the most impact, right where you  live.

A simple but hard solution, because it requires you do more than mark a ballot every two years.



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