Major grassroots effort battles fluoridation in San Marcos, Texas

In San Marcos, TX there is a Charter Amendment on the ballot, Proposition 1, which ends fluoridation entirely, and there’s a large grassroots effort that has been mobilized to see this through. The vote is on November 3rd, and early voting is happening right now. If you are a resident of San Marcos, please vote YES on Prop 1.

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U.S. Representative Thomas Massie sponsors bill making the sale of raw milk easier

Representative Thomas Massie, Kentucky, 4th District, posted on his Facebook page: “I am the primary sponsor of HR 3563 and HR 3564, two bills to make the sale of raw milk easier with less government intervention, so I found this article from ‘across the pond’ very interesting!”

He referenced The Telegraph article “Raw milk revolution: it’s tastier – but is unpasteurised dairy safe?”

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