Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Addiction to Subversion & Subterfuge (Part 1)

Ted Cruz

There has been a lot of controversy over the tactics of Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign in the Republican primary.  The one that created the most outrage was when his staff spread the rumor that Ben Carson had dropped out of the Iowa Caucus.  The most recent was his campaign claiming that Chuck Norris had endorsed Ted Cruz. I will document even more of this behavior later in the article.

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The Grand Political Ping Pong Game

Donkey&Elephant Ping Pong

Voting will not restore freedom, or make the world a better place, but there are solutions.

A question I’ve asked myself for a while is,  how many more times will Americans who vote,  play the grand ping pong game of going back and forth between the two major parties? By every conceivable measure of the general public’s attitude, the nation is headed on the wrong path. It’s bipartisan, virtually no one is satisfied with the current system. Far too many people have convinced themselves they must do what they have always done and vote, then that’s it. They cross their fingers and hope their choice wins.  If that happens they feel a temporary sense of relief, often even euphoria. But like any drug’s effects, that wears off rather quickly. By the next election cycle, people are angry all over again, those paying attention that is. Then another round of political ping pong begins.  The focus of this article is on national politics, the most ineffective way imaginable to reverse the march towards a totalitarian state.  At this point, those still in a fog of cognitive dissonance, will likely want to lecture me about how it’s my civic duty to vote. Many will take it to an even more ludicrous level and insist it be for one of the two major parties, otherwise I’ve wasted my vote. Respectfully,  if that is your attitude, you have no clue what you are talking about. Let me explain why I believe I’ve earned the privilege to make a bold statement like that.

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U.S. Representative Thomas Massie sponsors bill making the sale of raw milk easier

Representative Thomas Massie, Kentucky, 4th District, posted on his Facebook page: “I am the primary sponsor of HR 3563 and HR 3564, two bills to make the sale of raw milk easier with less government intervention, so I found this article from ‘across the pond’ very interesting!”

He referenced The Telegraph article “Raw milk revolution: it’s tastier – but is unpasteurised dairy safe?”

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