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Dallas Observer mocks anti-fluoridation activist

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(NaturalNews) The Dallas Observer, a self-proclaimed alternative media publication, came out with a hit piece article titled, 10 Most Embarrassing People In North Texas. Included in this list was a woman named Regina Imburgia, who is a long-time advocate of stopping fluoridation of municipal water supplies. Here’s a sample of the immature, factless rant that author Stephen Young engaged in.

“Regina Imburgia The name may not immediately ring a bell, but Regina Imburgia is responsible for Dallas’ long, often stupefying, always amusing fight over fluoridation. Fluoridation is a basic civic good. It helps kids who have less access to dental care avoid cavities.”

The section on Regina Imburgia concluded with “Imburgia didn’t succeed, thank goodness, but local media, the Observer included, and the council ended up talking about a non-issue for months.” This is classic propaganda to claim something is a “non-issue.”

It’s reminiscent of Al Gore’s proclamation that all scientific debate on global warming is over. The debate over fluoridation of municipal water supplies is far from over, and it certainly is a significant issue in other cities in Texas and around the country.

A few hundred miles south in Austin, there was a lot of media attention as City Councilman Don Zimmerman brought the issue of water fluoridation before the whole City Council. Like in Dallas, the measure failed this time. That’s not surprising considering the massive amount of money being spent by pro-fluoridation interests. That being said, in an interview on my show, Pursuit of Freedom, Justin Arman, executive director of Texans for Accountable Government, was very optimistic about the growing support to end fluoridation in Austin and other cities around Texas. Stephen Young must have his head stuck in the sand like an ostrich to make the claim that fluoridation is a non-issue.

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