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FDA: Big Agriculture’s Monopoly Enforcement Agency

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In modern America if you are a small business owner there’s a bulleye painted on your back. If you are unfortunate enough to be a small business that’s in the raw milk and organic food trade you also have a arm band with a Star of David on it. FDA’s recent raids on a Amish raw milk farmer and Rawsome foods show a Government agency actively engaged in a sort of completion genocide, in a country that is supposed to be about the free market, the actions of the FDA reveal an America that has been transformed into Corporatocracy. That statement would seem extreme if these incidents were the only examples but they’re not, just among the most outrageous. The raw milk industry is all but extinct after years of targeted regulation, yet that doesn’t seem to be satisfactory to Corporate Agriculture only total extinction will do.

Armed Agents Raid Raw Milk and Cheese Sellers

Feds Raid Amish Farm

There were no deaths, no food poisonings reported, no tainted products to be recalled yet the Federal Government deemed it necessary to send armed agents as if they were taking on a violent drug cartel.
In contrast near the same time frame as the swat style raids on Rawsome Foods, the media reports that Cargill a giant corporate meat company is in the mist of a recall of 36 million lbs of ground turkey, but only after a death and numerous reports of food poisoning. One would assume after the treatment Rawsome foods and the Amish Farmer received that the CEO of Cargill would have at least been subjected to the same humiliation after all a human being died. However this is Corporatist America where there is one set of rules for small business and another for the mega corporations that spend millions lobbying to insure that regulations keep any competition from threatening their market share.
Cargill Turkey Recall

The overwhelming evidence of the destructive force that is the Federal Government is on display in these examples. The actions are immoral on so many levels it’s beyond any pretense of being just a few missteps by some rogue bureaucrats. This is a systemic and chronic problem for the very simple reason that allowing Government control over our most fundamental needs is a recipe for tyranny. Perhaps someday Americans in large enough numbers will finally understand that a Government big enough to take care of you,will eventually take everything away.





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