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U.S. Representative Thomas Massie sponsors bill making the sale of raw milk easier

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Representative Thomas Massie, Kentucky, 4th District, posted on his Facebook page: “I am the primary sponsor of HR 3563 and HR 3564, two bills to make the sale of raw milk easier with less government intervention, so I found this article from ‘across the pond’ very interesting!”

He referenced The Telegraph article “Raw milk revolution: it’s tastier – but is unpasteurised dairy safe?”

My family has safely consumed raw milk for over three years and have discovered the health benefits, especially improved digestion. One thing I noticed about raw milk that was a bit of a surprise is the rather long shelf life it has before it turns sour. Even then, it’s safely usable to make yogurt or sour cream. That is is not true with pasteurized milk that becomes dangerous when it sours.

Though legal to buy in Texas, getting raw milk is a hassle. Anti-free-market state laws force those interested in consuming raw milk to buy directly from the farm where it’s produced. Eddie Miller, owner of Miller Farms (one my sources for raw milk) was harassed by the state for a minor infraction of the law by selling his milk at a San Antonio farmers’ market. Miller was forced to dump 700 gallons of fresh, raw milk down the drain. Natural News covered the incident in this February 2013 article.

For those interested in finding the facts about raw milk, I recommend a recently published book by David Grumpert: The Raw Milk Answer Book: What You REALLY Need to Know About Our Most Controversial Food. The book is available on Amazon. Mr. Grumpert was a guest on my show Pursuit of Freedom[MP3] May 6, 2015.


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